BTExpert Upholstered Modern Grey Velvet Accent Dining Chair

BTExpert Upholstered Modern Grey Velvet Accent Dining Chair


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TRADITIONAL ACCENT Chair - These fashionable accent Chair have a mildly curved robust back bundled around velvet seat cushion. The Chair is velvet upholstered and the straight metal legs create a sleek emphasis and for the model. Great for dining quarters, apartments, classrooms, pubs, bistros, living spaces.

STURDY AND DURABLE, made up of the metal frame. Made especially easy to assemble

ELEGANT DINING Chair - These comfortable dining Chair are upholstered in plush, stain-resistant velvet, which also exacerbates the life span of a Chair , but additionally introduce a mid-century modern and conventional style burst to your dining area.

CONVENTIONAL, TRADITIONAL, STYLISH - The four metal legs of this innovative restaurant Chair package add value to its good ambiance and improve longevity and sustainability. The suggestive design intends that the Chair is not defenseless to cleaving or bending, rendering it excellent for weight-bearing and conventional usage. The weight volume is 300lb.