Birdbath Vintage Green Solar Lighted Pedestal Bird Bath Garden Fountain Planter Decoration Accents


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STYLISH AND SOLAR POWERED LIGHTS/ INTEGRATED PLANTER OR FLOWER HOLDER: A tall and bold lighthouse towers above the marigold leaf bowl design and carries an incorporated solar power source to illustrate the nights on the pillar with a gentle and firm solar-powered light. This light will shine bright and be a guide for all visitors, songbirds, and feathered creatures. Additionally, there is another solar-powered light beneath the leaf bowl, which will attract birds and refine your garden. The architecture of this piece is energy efficient which will also be cost-effective. includes a simple planter above the foundation, perfect for displaying a bracelet of flowers above the decorative curled accent base. 

A CHARISMATIC AND ROYAL THEMED GARDEN PIECE -This birdbath is constructed in an exquisite imperial classic style with a stained statuesque patina and a simple base that helps make it lightweight and convenient to transport around; transform your landscape or courtyard into a glamorous and delightful space. The stylish components have a vintage verdigris appearance, replicating a vintage and quaint finish.

WEATHERPROOF STURDY AND WITHSTANDING- Made of weather-resistant, high-quality PP plastic and protected with a resin seal, this birdbath survives rain, sunlight, and other weather. does not dent, tear, or break. Made from selected materials for maximum protection and use. The coating captivates your senses and radiates the beauty of the front yard or back garden 

SIMPLE INSTALLATION AND TRANSPORTATION — integrated with 3 surface stakes to hold it in place, you can also load the pedestal with gravel or rocks to improve stability  Constructed with basic parts that make it easier to construct; the bowl is quick to hook up by screwing it onto the foundation. This piece has a diameter of 19.7, which will be attractive for birds, and also hold a bountiful amount of food and water. Your garden will be busy hosting flying guests and songbirds. 

MAINTAINS AND FLOURISHES YOUR GARDEN: The broad bowl can draw birds to improve soil quality, disperse essential nutrients, and provide more water while securing the garden or courtyard from pests and larvae. It will protect your plants and ensure growth with a blossoming garden. Your garden will be busy with guests with wings and a healthy environment. 

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